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Portage Central Mustangs

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Portage Central Mustangs

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3 weeks ago @ 10:01AM

Fall Baseball Practice Information

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much again for being patient and understanding.  Just when I didn't think it was possible, you guys exceed all boundaries of patience and understanding with a whole lot of GRACE. 

I hope I am able to cover everything in this email but if I leave anything out, please do not hesitate to email me at  I will get back to you ASAP. 

To ensure we have enough space and maximize reps for everyone, here is how our workouts will be handled. I have created 2 groups and they are split by grade.  (Workout time slot is indicated beside each group)

Group A: (3:00-4:30) Freshmen and Sophomores

Group B: (4:30-6:00)  Juniors and Seniors

When: Tuesday's and Wednesday's starting on Tuesday September 8th

Where: HS Baseball field

Time: Indicated above by group

Inclement weather....what do we do: I will communicate via teamsnap and twitter so please be sure to like our twitter page (@MustangPC). 

We will NOT go indoors for training.  Either outdoors or not at all. 

What to wear: (Bring full equipment everyday....helmet, catchers gear, bat, etc...)

  • Tuesday's: (Offensive focus) Shorts and  a Portage Central shirt and hat 
  • Wednesday's: (Defensive and live situations) Full baseball attire with Portage Central shirt and hat
  • MASK

Starts on...: Tuesday September 8th

Conflict with other sports: 

  • If your sport is in season, that takes precedent. Do not miss an in season practice or activity to come to voluntary baseball workouts
  • If you are conditioning and doing workouts for sports that are not in season, please see Coach DeGroote about finding a plan that is fair for all sports. We want to make this work for the athlete so we will do what we can to accomodate
  • ALL PC coaches are in this together and are all on the same page but there is bound to be some overlap or conflict.  Please have the athlete communicate with all coaches about schedule. 

Daily form and temp's: 

  • Please see the link below to the daily health questionnaire every athlete MUST fill out everyday before coming to workouts. Please know we will also take each athlete's temperature before they enter the field. 
    • Enter this Tiny URL into your Phone's browser: T.LY/5BUF for Health Questionnaire. 
  • Please make sure all athletes have a mask with them everyday. 

Whew.....I hope that covers everything. Please help spread the word and forward on to anyone that might not be on this email. 

Take good care and have a great 1st day of school tomorrow. 

Go Mustangs!

Coach DeGroote



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